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My name is DuAnne Seeley. I am an art gallery owner, wife, and one of several people that God has called to pray for Janene Kraft. In the beginning of her cancer journey which began in 2020, the Holy Spirit prompted me often to pray for her. After finding out this past June that her cancer had returned, God put on my heart to organize a group of prayer warriors that would intercede on her behalf. I asked her permission to do this, and she agreed.

Those of you who know Janene personally know that she is a giver to everyone she meets. We met 30 years ago and her Christ-like love, service for others and writing continue to impact my life. She is a very special woman. I love her deeply and if you are reading this, I assume she has touched your life as well

Since being diagnosed with recurrent Uterine Cancer in June of this year, Janene has dedicated the past three months to exhaustive research to determine her best next steps  for treatment that will give her many years ahead.

After meeting with four renowned oncology practices and undergoing state-of-the-art testing on her pathology/tissue, it has become apparent that there are no current conventional protocols [chemotherapy, immunotherapy, clinical trials] available that offer hope beyond shrinking the disease to offer short term remission at the expense of extensive damage to her body. It is important to note that, after undergoing her first rounds of chemotherapy, her doctors remarked that the 18 months of remission achieved from this therapy was surprisingly long given her diagnosis.

Unfortunately, cancer learns, which means that the chemotherapy used at the onset of her cancer will not be an effective long-term choice going forward.

Alongside her visits with numerous oncologists, Janene has also extensively researched treatments that are currently considered experimental as they are not currently FDA approved nor covered by insurance [coverage of treatment is the overarching determining factor in oncology today]. While not considered standard of care, these experimental treatments can be life-changing and maximize quality of life for patients with similar endometrial disease.

Janene’s Primary Care Provider and fellowship trained integrative oncology specialist, Dr. Marcela Dominguez [a full-time staff physician at UC Irvine, Susan Samueli Integrative Health Department], is a strong advocate of these integrative options, not only as impacts Janene’s specific disease, but as it relates to whole person care which optimizes normal immune and cellular function to bring hope to patients who find themselves in a similar circumstance.

In this spirit of hope, Janene and Dr. Dominguez have joined forces to begin the creation of a Clinical Case Study report to help exemplify the great benefit of a robust integrative oncology approach that will not only include the statistical data surrounding the state of Cancer treatment but will detail and follow Janene’s unique case.

This Case Study will leverage Janene’s inspiring and unique communication gift to document her journey in an intimate and detailed manner so that others will:
– learn more about integrative healing modalities
– become familiar with integrative choices beyond conventional cancer options
– be at the forefront of whole person cancer care
– follow an intimate journey of hope and healing that will inspire others,

This is not only about Janene. If it were, she never would have [reluctantly] agreed to share her journey in this way. It is my great belief and hope that your involvement in this journey will enhance your life and the lives of your loved ones as cancer is a journey we will all experience on some level in our lifetimes.

When I asked Janene what her greatest personal hope is, she replied without hesitation, “Attending my grandson Archer’s high school graduation.” A humble personal goal with far reaching implications for potentially thousands of lives.

I believe God is the great physician. I also believe that God uses doctors, medicine, and the treatment her integrative doctor is supporting as a tool to heal. These treatments are cutting edge and many lives are already being changed by them. Because they are considered experimental by insurance companies at this time, the cost is very expensive. For most (including Janene) they are unattainable without financial help.

The estimated out of pocket cost for these new treatments is $140K which include comprehensive treatment and follow up over the next year. Janene did not suggest or ask for my help. In fact, she has seemed to accept that it was not possible to come up with the funding. Today I told her It is on my heart to set up a Medical donations page. Initially Janene was reluctant about this. I believe it is because her doctor desires to use her as a case study to help other people that she has agreed.

Any financial investment you make will go into a 501(c)(3) established through Dr. Dominguez’s nonprofit, the Dominguez-Roth Foundation. This foundation website is prepared to receive donations on behalf of Janene. If you would like to be part of this intimate journey, please prayerfully consider donating. You may donate on this site by clicking on “Donate Now” at the bottom of page. Along with your donation, please indicate in the note section “JK Donation.”

If you have questions or if you feel called to be on her prayer team, please feel free to contact me at dseeley_win@hotmail.com. Each Monday I send out a letter to Janene’s intercessors.

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