Become A Patient

The Dominguez-Roth Foundation will help you medically investigate the underlying root causes of your unresolved symptoms and chronic illnesses using an integrative approach.

We do this systematically by utilizing a combination of the best of modern science and proven natural healing traditions, and then put your customized wellness plan into action, working together to create the vibrant health you deserve.

What Suits your Body is a 3-month, custom-tailored integrative medicine program. We uncover the underlying causes of illness and partner with you to help restore optimal health.


Your Path to Healing is Simple:

1. Complete and submit your information

2. A staff member will contact you to start the process of qualification and next steps

Physician-prescribed integrative modalities will be selected for your personalized needs and developed into a wellness plan

3. Commit to better health

Follow the program designed for you and attend monthly wellness appointments