Activities for Every Body

Our activities are designed to fit all levels of health and wellness. We are aware that not every activity is for every body. With that in mind, we focus on five optimal practices for every body to strive for.

A combination of optimal practices are features in all out activities. See our activities section for class description and focus.

5 Optimal principles:

  • Body - nutrition, movement, restore, & wellness
  • Mind - intuition, stress management, & meditation
  • Spirit - centered peace, conscious breathing, mindfulness, and joy
  • Activity - movement, consistency, exercise, fun, & spontaneity
  • Prevention - proactive, awareness, commitment to your best self, maximizing all health modalities

One to One Program

The One to One program is a medical consultation service.

This program was created to assist those who are facing unresolved debilitating illnesses, or who are struggling with health challenges and are seeking to find a solution for ongoing health issues. We partner with the participant to help uncover underlying causes of illness and find resolutions to their health challenges.

The participant receives a detailed 60 minute “One to One” consultation with a medical provider. At this appointment, the individual has the opportunity to share with the provider his or her priority health concerns. For optimal outcome, participants are encouraged to come to their appointments prepared to provide a complete health history, including test results, and lab reports. Two days prior to the scheduled consultation, the participant must complete and submit the online Registration Form. This information will assist the medical provider to customize a protocol recommendation unique to each participant.

Criteria to qualify for the program -

Patients who have unresolved chronic illness that require an integrative medical approach. Upon approval and acceptance to the One to One program, our staff will partner with you to review the process and coordinate the scheduling of appointments.