The One to One Program Consists Of Two Phases

Phase 1 - Discovery:  10 Week Protocol

  1. Initial Discovery
  2. Lab Results Review
  3. Discovery Follow-up Review 

The participant receives a detailed 60 minute "One to One" consultation with a medical provider. At this appointment, the individual has the opportunity to share with the provider his or her priority health concerns. For optimal outcome, participants are encouraged to come to their appointments prepared to provide a complete health history, including test results, and lab reports. Two days prior to the scheduled consultation, the participant must complete and submit the online Registration Form. This information will assist the medical provider to customize a protocol recommendation unique to each participant.

Phase 1 - Discovery: 10 Week Protocol

  • (1) - 1 Hour One to One Consultation
  • (3) Three restorative & wellness therapy sessions.
  • Lab fees
  • (1) 30 minute nutrition session. Recommended food plan to follow.
  • Nutritional supplements. Recommended nutritional supplements to support restorative health.

  • Lab Results Visit:
    Approximately 4 to 5 weeks later when test results are in, patient returns to learn the findings.
  • This visit includes:

  • (1) 45 minute follow-up visit with medical provider to review lab results and modify program if needed.
  • (1) One restorative & wellness therapy sessions. Review health status with patient as well as questions and concerns.
  • Patient follows protocol given for duration of program.

Discovery Follow-up:

  • (1) 1 hour follow-up appointment to review status of health on protocol.
  • (3) Three restorative & wellness therapy sessions
  • (1) 30 min. Nutrition session. Review status of food plan. Nutritional supplements. Recommended nutritional supplements to support restorative health


Phase 2 -  Maintenance: 5 Week Protocol

  • Maintenance Review 
  • Maintenance Follow-up Review 


Phase 2 - Maintenance: 5 Week Protocol

Maintenance Review Week

  • (1) 45 minute maintenance review appointment
  • Repeat testing
  • (2) Two restorative & wellness therapy sessions. 
  • Nutritional supplements 

Maintenance Follow-up Review 

  • (1) 45 minute maintenance follow-up and lab review appointment 
  • (2) Two restorative & wellness therapy sessions
  • Nutritional supplements 

Required commitment from participants:

  • 100% program recommendation compliance
  • Prior to start of the program, our staff will establish the amount of cost for which the participant is responsible. Minimum patient responsibility for medical care is 10% of the total cost.

Dominguez Roth Foundation is NOT the participant’s primary care physician. 

We are a medical consultative service.  For participants with health insurance, visits are not billed to insurance.  Contingent on insurance, lab fees might qualify under participant’s insurance plan.

Participants with healthcare insurance:

Some health insurance coverage may qualify for the cost of tests and lab requests.

Our staff will work with the participant in more detail to make that determination.

Participants without healthcare insurance:

For those without health insurance coverage, on a fixed income, or in financial need, we offer a “Financial Assistance Need” application.  Completion and submission is required for qualification.  Our staff will work with participants to determine if they qualify for this program.  For those who qualify, an approval letter will be provided that will itemize amount of financial assistance given to each patient.

Registration Form

Financial Need Application
Application Form