I first met Julie in 2011 at the American Academy of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine Integrative Cancer Fellowship that we were both attending. She was in the back row of class, not as a medical professional, but as an individual committed to educating herself regarding prevention and healing. We were introduced by keynote speaker, Dr. Mark Rosenberg, who knew that we both lived in Southern California, but was unaware we lived less than 10 miles from each other. He was Julie’s personal integrative cancer physician, who’s practice resided in Florida. Julie would travel cross country for her scheduled medical appointments with Dr. Rosenberg. He recommended that Julie transfer her care to my practice where she would continue to receive integrative cancer care, but eliminate the long travel that was taking its toll on her physically and mentally.

From the beginning, Julie was inspirational with her tenacity and determination to treat her advanced ovarian cancer from an integrative approach. Fifteen years prior, she had dedicated her life to educating herself in all medical modalities that could heal her chronic and progressive arthritis. Julie traveled the country to learn from experts in their field, gaining wisdom to quench her thirst for information and the best integrative modalities for treating her health challenges. She generously shared her research and knowledge to help others in their efforts to heal themselves.

As we partnered together in our doctor-patient process, Julie realized that despite all her efforts and determination to persevere, her time here in the physical world soon come to an end. Her dying wish and personal request was to create a non-profit foundation. Julie wanted her legacy of generosity to live forever through the Dominguez-Roth Foundation’s mission of providing the community with integrative education, continued research and development, and financial assistance and care to those patients who could not otherwise afford integrative medicine.

I am honored to carry Julie Roth’s torch,

Dr. Marcela Dominguez, M.D.